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Here-Ohs 2000


bulletWeek of 2000.12.31
bulletIT Learning Center   "a free information resource for IT / IS pros, business analysts, and the academic community. Here you will find one of the most
concentrated sources of information about information technology business management issues: budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, investment planning,
performance measurement and metrics, and more." (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.12.24
bulletProject Management Resources: A GGU University Library Guide (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.12.17
bulletBPub's Project Management Articles The Business Publications Search Engine (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.12.10
bulletTek-Tip Forums  "hot web community where computer porfessionals meet and talk" (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.12.03
bulletPC Direct Guide to Buying Project Management Software (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.11.26
bulletDarwin Online Learn Glossary "a layman's guide to speaking geek"  (Words & Dictionaries) and (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.11.19
bulletPROJECT Magazine  "The FREE online resource for professionals in project management" (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.11.12 Know-how for People Managing Projects and Teams  (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.11.05
bulletPersonal Technology from the Wall Street Journal Walt Mossberg's weekly Personal Technology column and other technology features by Walt (PC Support)
bulletWeek of 2000.10.29
bulletWorkaholic's International Network "Our mission is to help YOU put some fun, information, timesavers and balance in your life!" (Family Life)
bulletWeek of 2000.10.22 High-Tech Dictionary Search for definitions to more than 7,000 high-tech terms! (Words & Dictionaries)
bulletWeek of 2000.10.15
bulleteWork Exchange "the Web's leading global project marketplace connecting hiring managers and project professionals" (Careers & Development)
bulletWeek of 2000.10.08
bulletMSHOW Internet Broadcasting and Web Conferencing (Presentations & Meetings)
bulletWeek of 2000.10.01
bulletLookOff  Internet Search Engine Help (Internet Search)
bulletWeek of 2000.09.24
bulletThe World Wide Acronym and Abbreviation Server (Words & Dictionaries)
bulletWeek of 2000.09.17
bulleteSynerProject "Project Management Performance Support Site How-To Project Management Tutorials and much more!" (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.09.10
bulletThe Programme/Program Management Web Site sponsored by Hydra (Project Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.09. 03
bulletXrefer  Free access to over 300,000 entries - facts, words, concepts, people & quotations covering art, music, history, business, law, literature, health, science and more (Words & Dictionaries)
bulletWeek of 2000.08.27
bulletAmerican Dietetic Assocation  "Your Link to Nutrition and Health!" (Health & Fitness)
bulletWeek of 2000.08.20
bullete-Lingo Dictionary (Words & Dictionaries) and (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.08.13 Jakob Nielsen's Website  web useablity (Web Design & development)   
bulletWeek of 2000.08.06
bulletRestaurant Row "World's Largest Dinning Guide" make reservations (Travel)
bulletWeek of 2000.07.30
bulletBronwen & Claire's Really Huge Emoticon Collection  (Neat Stuff)
bulletWeek of 2000.07.23
bulletMfinder  "The largest directory of mobile Internet sites" (Wireless)
bulletWeek of 2000.07.16 "TechieGold combines the power of the Web with a nationwide network of specialized career agents, to find you the most lucrative and rewarding IT jobs." (Careers and Development)
bulletWeek of 2000.07.09
bulletSabre VirtuallyThere   "your unique personal travel web site" (Travel)
bulletWeek of 2000.07.02  "What Are You Worth?" "rapidly becoming the de facto standard for compensation information online" with Salary Wizard (Careers and Development)
bulletWeek of 2000.06.25
bulletTeamworks the Virtual Team Assistant "developed to provide support for group communication processes, and especially for design teams in engineering and other practical arts and sciences"  (Team Groupware)     
bulletWeek of 2000.06.18
bulletStreet Tech's Term of the Day "The latest tech terms and online argot"  (Words)
bulletWeek of 2000.06.11
bulletScott's Tutorial Hotlist Tutorials, Manuals, and User's Guides (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.06.04
bulletmoto-europa "a free resource for european motor travel" great links (Travel)
bulletWeek of 2000.05.28
bulleteCompany Now "eCompany Now's [magazine and web site] aim is to be the straight-talking, sophisticated companion to business people who face the risks and opportunities the Web brings to the business world." (Internet Economy)
bulletWeek of 2000.05.21 "big ideas for small business" (Small Business/HomeOffice)
bulletWeek of 2000.05.14 "smart commerce for small business" (Web Design and Development)
bulletWeek of 2000.05.07
bulletOrganizational Change: An Annotated Bibliography U.S. National Archives (Organizational Change)
bulletWeek of 2000.04.30
bulletHot Spots  Global hotspots; know what's happening before you travel (Travel)
bulletWeek of 2000.04.23 "the Web's premier exchange for connecting
independent professionals with contract projects" (Careers and Development)
bulletWeek of 2000.04.16
bulletAssociation Central  "the premier Internet portal for all
things association-related" (Standards and Organizations)
bulletWeek of 2000.04.09  "provides valuable information to those who are involved in real-time customer service via a call center or help desk" (Call Centers)
bulletWeek of 2000.04.02
bulletBuckman Laboratories Knowledge Nurture Starter kit on knowledge management (Knowledge Management)
bulletWeek of 2000.03.26
bulletAssociation of Women Professionals  "will assist you in
networking, finding opportunities, developing your skills and much, much more!" (Working Women)
bulletWeek of 2000.03.19
bulletCorporate Housing Connection "provides online
information about hundreds of professionally
screened temporary housing opportunities available
throughout the U.S. as well as international" (Corporate Apartments)
bulletWeek of 2000.03.12 ' learn (and teach) the power and
virtues of the Linux Operating System". (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.03.5
bulletWebMonkey "The Web Developer's Resource" (Web Design)
bulletWeek of 2000.02.27
bulletMS TechNet evaluating, deploying, managing, supporting and optimizing MS products (PC Support)
bulletWeek of 2000.02.20
bulletIT Support News  monthly business
newspaper for the people who control 70% of the
information technology (IT) budget—the
post-sales support and training budget. (Information Technology)
bulletWeek of 2000.02.13
bulletWireless Data Forum Dedicated to publicizing successful
wireless data applications and customer communities (Wireless)
bulletWeek of 2000.02.06
bulletThe SGML/XML Web Page by Robin Cover "a comprehensive online database containing reference information and software pertaining to the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and its subset, the Extensible Markup Language (XML) (XML)
bulletWeek of 2000.01.30
bulletPaul Allen's Index for Project Management, Project Finance & Automated Systems A great collection of links. (Project Managment)
bulletWeek of 2000.01.23  This well organized site contains content written by dozens of professional speakers, teachers, designers and communicators. Presenters are instructed on topics from structuring a presentation to motivating an audience, from presenting to a crowd to presenting over the Internet. (Presentations & Meetings)
bulletWeek of 2000.01.16
bulletDSL Life The Consumer's Guide to xDSL Technology (Mobile & Remote Computing)
bulletWeek of 2000.01.09
bulletThe Electronic Commerce Dictionary (Internet Economy)
bulletWeek of 2000.01.02
bulletHMS Software's Library "an extensive
collection of articles on project management and activity-based-costing, case studies and white papers"  (Project Managment)

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