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bulletProject Management Reference Sites (top)'s Project Management Page
bulletallpm_animated.gif (1815 bytes)
bulletAPM Group (UK)
bulletMSP Managing Successful Programmes
bulletPrince2  a structured project management method
bulletThe Project Shop bookstore The Project Shop has been set up to sell Project Management books, CBTs, training aids, software... even board games!
bulletCommercial Solutions's Project Management Checklists & More!
bulletConfiguration Management & Program Management
bulletCreative People Management (UK)
bulletDave Farthing's Software Project Management Page (UK)
bulletDirectory of Project Management Resources
bulletEarned Value  papers, FAQ's
bulletEarned Value Management
bulletRelated Points of interest
bulletEconomic Decision Analysis and Project Risk Management
bulleteIT-Forum IT Management Knowledge Portal
bulleteProject Central  e-business Solutions for Project Management  "gantthead is the experience bridge that fills in the gaps - providing help to project managers in a myriad of ways. It is a community, your community, for IT Project Managers" Project Management
bulletThe International Research Network on Organizing by Projects (IRNOP)
bulletIT Budgeting and IT Performance Management -- The Online Resource
bulletMichael Greer's Project Management Resources
bulletMax Wideman's Project Management Wisdom   free templates
bulletOpen Directory - Project and Program Management
bulletNoggon PRINCE2 Study and Resource Information - Features comprehensive notes about this UK project methodology including a search engine, colour coding and categorisation. Uniquely the site shows relationships between all aspects of PRINCE2 concepts. Designed for the new user with enough details and features to be a valuable resource for experienced PRINCE 2 practitioners. Be sure to down load the useful PDF documents and contribute in the Forum!
bulletPaul Allen's Index for Project Management, Project Finance & Automated Systems A StartWrightHit! Site
bulletPlanningPlanet - a centralized database of production rates and cycle times
bulletPM Boulevard  "your single source for project management on the internet"
bulletPMI Polska  Warsaw, Poland
bulletPM FORUM  è il primo Forum italiano dedicato esclusivamente
alle problematiche di Project Management.
bulletPrince2 (UK) "the official Prince2 Site"  "Everything you need to know about Prince2 "
bulletThe Project Life Cycle Planning Guide: A Process Oriented Approach to Project Management  
bulletThe Project Manangement Center english/angalis, aussi en francais   the
Community of Practice (CoP) in management by projects (MBP) «Made in
Quebec». Know-how for People Managing Projects and Teams 
bulletProject Management   (Assembled by Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD)  Overviews of Project Management ,Useful Skills -- Team Building and Group Leadership,General Resources, Related Library Links,On-Line Discussion Groups
bulletProject Management KnowledgeBase updated  "Web's most extensive free PM library"
bulletProject Management Links from
bulletProject Management Methodologies (University of Portsmouth)
bulletProject Management Resources: A GGU University Library Guide
bulletProject Management Scaleable Methodology Guide updated
bulletThe Programme/Program Management Website   "Dedicated to the promotion, discussion and exchange of information relating to the field of Programme Management" (UK)
bullet2001 Organizational Project Management Baseline Study
bulletProject Management Methodologies (University of Portsmouth)  A list of 39 methodologies
bulletProject Management WWW Site (UK)
bulletProject Zone  A StartWrightHit! Site
bulletLinks Page
bulletObject Technology
bulletProject SMART  (UK) The Programme and Project Management Resource Centre
bulletResearch on Temporary Organizations and PM
bulletWWW - Guide to Project Management Research Sites
bulletSpottydog's World of Project Management (UK)
bulletSoftwareDioxide's Project Management
bulletSoftware Project Management Resource Center
bulletSoftware Project Management Links (Bill Junk, University of Idaho)
bulletThe Spot4PM  "an online community for IT Project Managers. We offer original articles, an online messageboard, an email based discussion group and other things which make the community tick"
bulletTECFA Project Management and Software Engineering Pointers  This site contains a full, flexible and scalable project management methodology, including templates, processes, techniques and best practices.
bulletTim Kress & Associates This site features free articles and tools focusing on integrating projects with business strategy and addressing corporate survival issues in 2004 and beyond.
bulletWELCOM - Project Management Library
bulletAlso see University Project Management Sites Page
bulletPM Education - Classes, Books, Articles, Magazines (top)
bulletProject Management Magazines,  Newsletters, Newspapers
bulletThe Achiever Newsletter Project Management Books
bulletePMTutor is a prime resources for preparing for certification examinations in project management
bulletInternational Journal of Project Management  
bulletTo order
bulletPROJECT Magazine  "The FREE online resource for professionals in project management"
bulletProjects@Work  "written for professionals with front-line responsibility for project management (from ProjectWorld)
bulletProject Manager Today (UK)
bulletProject Management Publications  from Management Concepts
bulletProject Times is a quarterly newsletter published by Solutions
Network Inc.
bulletProject Management World Today - on-line publication
bulletProjektmagazin - das interaktive Online-Magazin fur erfolgreiches Projektmanagement  (de) Glossar
bulletPROJECTMagazine The FREE online resource for professionals in project management.
bulletProject Management Insight "the topical newsletter published by Project Management International plc (PMI)"
bulletVisual Basic Project Management Journal
bulletPM Times UK Project Management Newspaper
bulletPMI Publications
bulletProject Management Journal
bulletPM Network Online
bulletSuccessful Project Management
bulletWelcom's On-Track Newsletter
bulletProject Management Books and Book Sites
bulletAMA Project Management Titles self-study
bulletApplying Project Management in the Workplace (book)
bulletBooks on Project Management
bulletLiteraturliste Projektmanagement  (de)
bulletPMI Bookstore "the world's largest up-to-date source of project management books" from both PMI and other sources
bulletProject Management Books from BICX
bulletProject Management Books   "project management books and textbooks for all levels"
bulletProject Management Books  (Management Concepts)
In Association with
bulletCatalyst Management Consulting - Info and Resources
bulletEricsson Project Management Institute PROPS
bulletESI International
bulleteSynerProject   "Project Management Performance Support Site How-To Project Management Tutorials and much more!"
collection of articles on project management and activity-based-costing, case studies and white papers"
bulletIBM Learning Services Project Management Training
bulletIBM Learning Services (Canada) Gestion de projets (ca)  en francais
bulletInternational Institute for Learning
bulletIT Project Management (Singapore)
bulletLernen and Arbeiten Online -  Netzplantechnik (de)
bulletManagement Concept's Project Management Education and Training
bulletProject Mentors Inc
bulletProjectNet incorporates Project Manager Today (UK)
bulletWhat is Project Management?
bulletGlossary and Bibliography
bulletSeminar Finder - Project Management
bulletSoftware Project Management Sites
bulletWelcom Project Management Links
bulletAlso see StartWright's PM Tips and Articles page
bulletProject Management Courses and Seminars
bulletCanadian Management Centre's Project Management Courses
bulletDirectory of Project Management Training, Seminars, and Courses
bulletAlso see Startwright's Colleges and Universities with PM Curriculm page
bulletProject Management Jobs (top)
bulletAquent places IT and Web project managers on a contract, permanent, or try-before-you-hire basis
bulletProject Management Jobs at
bulletProject Management Jobs at
bulletAlso see Careers & Development and Education
bulletProject Management Certification (top)
bulletProject Management Certification Organizations
bulletAmerican Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM)
bullet International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM)
bulletAssociation for Project Management (APM) (UK)
bulletPCT [Project Management Capability Test]
bulletProject Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP)
bulletGartner Institute Gartner Certified Associate in IT Project Management, Gartner Certified Associate in IT Project Management + ERP, Gartner Certified Associate in E-Business
bulletNational IT Skills Certification Programme Certified IT Project Managers Singapore
bulletThe Institute of Systems Science
bulletCertification References's Certificates for Project Managers Page  
bulletCertification Magazine
bulletCredentials: Project Management Certification (article - InfoWorld)
bulletCertification Education
bulletESI Publications "where you’ll find how-to and reference books, assessment tools, study tools and CDROMs to expand your knowledge of project management"
bulletPMP Exam Prep from RMC
bulletAlso see PM education
bulletProject Management Glossaries (top)
bulletA Project Management Glossary
bulletGlossary of Project Management Terms
bulletProject Management Glossary (Tasmanian Government)
bulletProject Management Glossary (CT Solutions) Project Management Glossary
bulletProject Management Glossary (Old Dominion University (OCCS))
bulletProjectNet - Dictionary of Project Management
bulletTPG Academy Concise Encyclopedia of Project and Programme Management
bulletWelcom PM Glossary
bulletWideman Comparative Glossary of Common Project Management Terms updated.gif (168 bytes)
bulletAlso see Computer and Technology Glossaries and Dictionaries and Technology Terminology and Reference
bulletProject Management Conventions and Expositions (top)
bullet12th Annual International Integrated Program Management Conference
bulletABT Project Leadership Conference
bulletNORDNET '99 Project Management Congress
bulletPMI Seminars Worldwide
bulletIntl Research Network on Organizing by Projects (IRNOP)
bulletWeb-Based Project Management
bulletProject Management in Government Organizations (top)
bulletCA: California Department of Information Technology Project Management
bulletCA: Caltrans Project Management Program
bulletMD: State of Maryland Information Technology Master Plan
bulletMI: State of Michigan Office of Project Management methodology, templates
bulletFederal Government
bulletNASA - Index to Program/Project Management Bibliographies
bulletNASA Program/Project Management Development Process (PMDP)
bulletGo to  StartWright's Project Management Organizations Page
bulletGo to  StartWright's Colleges and Universities with Project Management Curriculum Page
bulletGo to  StartWright's Project Management Planning and Scheduling Tools Page



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