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bulletComputer and Technology Glossaries and Dictionaries (top)
bulletAlso see Technology Terminology and Reference
bullet3COM Networking Glossary's IT Acronym Glossary's Internet Words
bulletA Brief History of Character Codes in North America, Europe, and East Asia
bulletA Glossary of Digital Privacy Terms
bulletA Glossary of IT Acronyms
bulletBABEL: Glossary of Computer Related Acronyms & Abbreviations
bulletBuzz Saw
bulletCNet Glossary
bulletComputer Dictionary, Computer Glossary and Computer Terms from the Glossarist 80+ glossaries
bulletComputer Hope Computer Dictionary High-Tech Dictionary Search for definitions to more than 7,000 high-tech terms!
bulletDarwin Online Learn Glossary   "a layman's guide to speaking geek"
bulletDatabase of the 1001 best dictionaries, glossaries and lexicons on the web
bulletDefinitions for Common Records Related Terms
bulletDictionary of foreign language computer terms
bulletGlossary of Common Records Management Terms Adapted from A Federal Records Management Glossary. National Archives and Records Administration, 1993.
bulletGlossary of Networking Terms 
bulletThe Electronic Commerce Dictionary
bullete-Lingo Dictionary
bulletThe Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC) Technical Glossary
bulletA Glossary of World Wide Web Terms and Acronyms
bulletHutchinson Dictionary of Computers, Multimedia and the Internet
bulletIBM Terminology Consolidates several of the main glossaries created for IBM products in one convenient location. Other glossaries may be available on IBM Internet sites for specific products or technologies. To find a glossary that is not listed here, conduct a search on the IBM home page or the home page of the relevant product.
bulletIBM Glossary of Computing Terms   Defines technical terms used in many IBM products.
bulletArticle: Terminology Management as Data Management [pdf]
bulletIBM Redbooks IBM Redbooks are developed and published by IBM's International Technical Support Organization, the
ITSO. which develops and deliver skills, technical know-how, and materials to technical professionals of IBM, Business Partners, customers, and to the marketplace generally.
bulletInformation Technology Glossary
bulletIndex of Glossaries  Budget Terms,  IT Investment Terms, IT Performance Management Terms, U.S. Government Budget Terms, E-Business Terms
bulletHebrew Computer Terms  Select "Computers"
bulletInternet Hyper-Glossary
bulletJargon File 4.2.0
bulletJargon Watch from Worldcom
bulletKadow's Internet Dictionary UNIX
bulletLogistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Definitions 
bulletThe New Hacker's Dictionary   slang, jargon, and techspeak
bulletNetGlos - The Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology
bulletODLIS: Online Dictionary of Library and Information Sciencef
bulletPC Magazine Glossaries
bulletPrincipia Cybernetica Web
bulletStreet Tech's Term of the Day "The latest tech terms and online argot" 
bulletSmart Computing® Dictionary
bulletTerminology Collection - Computing    many languages! From the University of Vaasa (Finland) Terminology Forum
bulletWhatis?com  "Definitions for thousands of the most current IT-related words"
bulletThe Wireless Glossary
bulletThe WWW Jargon File  computer terms
bulletWebopedia "The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology"
bulletin French/en francais
bulletLe grand dictionnaire terminologique  Trouvez rapidement le terme
spécialisé qu'il vous faut ! (French and English)
bulletLe Signet vous propose une banque de terminologie bilingue dans le secteur des technologies de l'information
bulletTerminologie d'Internet
bulletNew Information Technology Glossary
bulletProject Management Glossaries (top)
bulletGo to Project Management Glossaries
bulletWords of the Day/Build Your Vocabulary (top)
bullet13 Easy Ways to Increase Your Vocabulary  
bulletWordsmith's A.Word.A.Day is a worldwide online community of nearly a million readers who share a love for words, wordplay, language, and literature. Wordsmith was founded in 1994 by Anu Garg; Also good quotes and anagrams. Signup for the daily e-mail. "The most welcomed, most enduring piece of daily mass e-mail in cyberspace." - New York Times
bulletA Word With You  "Enjoy language and word play"
bulletAllword's Word of the Week  word of the day, world of words
bulletBill Buckley's Word of the Day
bulletCool Word of the Day
bulletThe Daily Fix word, quote
bulletDillon's Online Vocabulary Tests  
bulletESL Bookstore
bulletGetting a Raise with Words
bulletFree - 5000 SAT Preparation Words - FreeVocabulary.Com
bulletJesse's Word of the Day
bulletKaplan Vocabulator Vocabulary Flash Cards
bulletLogophilia Weekly
bulletMartha Barnette's
bulletMaven's Word of the Day
bulletMerriam-Webster's Word of the Day
bulletMerriam-Webster's WordCentral for Kids subscribe!
bulletMrs. Byrne's Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words
bulletOxford English Dictionary (OED) Word of the Day
bulletReader's Digest Wordpower's Word of the Day   Words in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, English for Spanish Speakers increase your word skills!
bulletWords-R-Us  the English vocabulary builder
bulletWord-of-the-Day  "Each day a new word via e-mail"
bulletWorthless Word of the Day
bulletWebopedia's Term of the Day
bulletEnglish Language Dictionaries (top)
bulletGo to StartWright's Dictionaries & Glossaries page
bulletEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) - The ESL Site for everyone learning English!
Free, comprehensive ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, grammar, writing, interactive quizzes and games, flashcards, audio materials, helplines, multi-lingual content - and much more!
bulletOther Dictionaries and Glossaries (top)
bulletGo to StartWright's Dictionaries & Glossaries page
bulletEtymology (the study of word origins) Sites (top)  Links for Word Lovers
bulletA history of the roman alphabet
bulletAmerican Name Society promotes onomastics, the study of
names and naming practices, both in the United States and abroad.'s World of Words
bulletBehind the Names etymology and history of first names
bulletBritish-English vs. American-English
bulletchicklit for women who love words
bulletThe College Slang Page Cal State Pomona
bulletE.L. Easton's  Etymology
bulletThe Electric Eclectic Jim's Word / Writer's Links 
bulletEtymologic  the brain-twisting etymology game!
bulletEvolution of Alphabets (from University of Maryland)
bulletForthright's Phrontistery: Dictionary of Obscure Words and Word Lists words relating to a single topic: e.g. -phobia, -ology, -isms, shapes, etc
bulletFunwords Archives
bulletGary Fung's English Etymology
bulletIdiom of the Week
bulletJan Freeman's Column (Boston Globe)  well-known word column
bulletJCROnline Archives - Language Articles scroll down to Language
bulletEtymologically Speaking
bulletAn Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology
bulletThe Etymology of First Names
bulletMr. Foster's Etymology Site
bulletI'd like to have a Word with You!
bulletIPL Pathfinder: Word and Phrase Origins
bulletList of Yiddish Words and Expressions
bulletLiterary Dictionary   an assortment of words that first made an appearance in books, plays, poems, comic strips and mythology
bulletOrigins of Phrases
bulletThe Origins of Various Economic-related Terms
bulletNew Words in English  
bulletPandora's Word Box Desktop Encyclopedic Word Etymology and Mythology
bulletPhobias   words for almost every phobia imaginable!
bulletThe Phobia List
bulletPhobias - Another List
bulletA Complete List of Phobias
bulletRichard Lederer's Verbivore   highly recommended
bulletRoots of English Dictionary  "free software will help you find the Greek and Latin roots of thousands of words in the English language"
bulletSayings Sites
bulletSayings and Everyday Expressions  
bulletSounds of the World's Animals Can you say "moo'
bulletSpeaking of Language  from Yahooligan's ... great collection of links
bulletStandard English words which have a Scandinavian Etymology  
bulletTake Our Word For It "The web's only etymology magazine"
bulletUrban Legend Language Page
bulletUrban Dictionary  
bulletWA's Curious Words Page  Strange words and/or words with good stories behind them.
bulletWilton's Word & Phrase Origins good reference site
bulletWord and Phrase Origins by David Wilton at  
bulletThe Word Detective online version of newspaper column
bulletWord Explorations  A program of Latin-Greek cross references that will enhance your English-vocabulary skills and word studies!
bulletWord for Word "origins of unusual words and phrases"
bulletA Word with You "a daily on-line column, featuring  little known facts about well known words and phrases"
bulletA World of Words (Professor Lawler, Univ. of Mich.)
bulletWord Sleuth "origins, derivations, etymon"
bulletWorld Wide Words    Investigating international English from a British viewpoint (Michael Quinion)
bulletWordwizard Portal  for lovers of the English Language
bulletBrian Kelk's Page  wordlists
bulletWordwatch  weekly commentary on current English
bulletYe Olde English Sayings
bulletYe Olde Wive's Tales
bulletFun with Words (top)
bulletCellspeak   words we invented
bulletClueWord   "Where clues and answers are in different languages".
bulletBanished Words List
bulletDave's List of Words That are Fun To Say
bulletFun With Words - The Wordplay Website
bulletLogophilia The Web Site for Word Lovers   word games plus etymologies
bulletOffice Phrases  
bulletWord Fugitives    column from the Atlantic Monthly
bulletWord Games  from the Atlantic Monthly - biweekly verbal workout
bulletWord Play  "Site that feature funs with words"
bulletWord Police   column from the Atlantic Monthly
bulletWorzles  word puzzles The hick-to-hip translation guide 
bulletStupid Questions
bulletTaglines Galore!
bulletNew York Magazine competition where they asked competitors to change one
letter in a familiar non-English phrase and redefine it.
bulletYindii Hangman: Computer Words  
bulletQuotations  (use for presentation or inspiration) (top)
bulletGo to StartWright's Quotations page - Lots of great links
bulletGo to StartWright's Thought of the Week page - ones we like the best!
bulletWriting Resources (top)
bulletGo to StartWright's Writing Resources page
bulletSpeeches (top)
bulletDouglass Archives of American Public Address  
bulletHistory and Politics Outloud  "a searchable multimedia database documenting and delivering authoritative audio relevant to American history and politics."; listen to the actual speeches!
bulletNational Gallery of the Spoken Word  
bulletSpeech & Transcript Center excellent source for speeches and links to speeches sites
bulletThe History Place - Great Speeches Collection  
bulletSpeech of the Week
bulletLanguage Link Sites  (top)
bulletBilingual Canadian Dictionary's Links to Other Sites
bulletCarnegie Library of Pittsburgh's English Page  
bulletWord Safari: Megalist of Word Links
bulletGo to StartWright's Foreign Languages page
bulletWords about Words (top)
bulletGo to StartWright's Words about Words page
bulletWords about Animals (top)
bulletGo to StartWright's Words about Animals page
bulletGreek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes
bulletGo to StartWright's Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes page
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