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With the rapid increase in cell phones there is an urgent need to develop a new vocabulary - Cellspeak**.  Here are some new words you need to know:

accelluration - getting an increase in the number of minutes without paying more

cacocelluphony - the ringing of several cell phones at the same time

cellatious - pertaining to phone sex using a cell phone

cellaural - pertaining to using a earpiece connected  to your cell phone

cellcular - pertaining only to cellphones, not regular phones

celldom - infrequent use of your cell phone

celldumb - not knowing how to use all the features on your phone

cellect - to choose a cell phone or cellphone service

cellemnity - a period where no cell phones are being used; quiet

celliloquy - speaking on the cell phone when the other end is disconnected

cellocculate - looking at your cell phone key pad, may lead to a vehicellular accident

cell-off - to turn off your cell phone

celloral - speaking loudly using a cell phone

cellu - a root meaning "related to a cell phone"

celluate - to turn on your cell phone; see also decelluate

cellubate - not having a cell phone

cellubrate - passing on good news wherever you are by making a cell call

cellubrety - an actor advertising cell phones

celluholic - extreme overuse of your cell phone;

celluism - a group of people who are fanatical about cell phones

celluist - a user of a cell phone

cellulate - to not get to your cell phone in time

cellulight - 1) a very small cell phone 2) the light on the dial face

celluosis - a condition when your cell services dies in mid-speech

cellunique - when your only phone is a cell phone

cellunoid - obsessed with using all your cell telephone minutes

cellunnoying - inappropriate use of a cell phone in a public place

celluphane - A cellphone with a see-through case

celluphile - someone who likes using their cell phone better than their land phone

celluphobic - fear of using a cell phone; also celluphobia

celluphonics -  the art of choosing the correct ring tones

celluplanitis -  the disease from too much celluration

celluration - constantly looking to see if you have the best cell plan

celluroama - having nationwide no roaming charges

cellustial - Using a cell phone outside at night

cellust - envious of another's fancier cell phone

cellutology - the study of cell phones

cellfafacing - changing the face plate on your cell phone yourself

celluvian - the geological period when cell phones were first used

celluvrage - the area your cell one covers

cellsell - getting a sales call on your sell phone

celluquette - the proper way to use a cell phone in public

cellur - a purveyor of cell phones and equipment

decelluate - to turn off your cell phone; see also celluate

decellurate - to give up your cell phone service

deescellate - to decrease the minutes usage  of your cell phone over time

descellate - no cell service available

excell - to have the best cell plan available

excelltation - talking very loud on a cell phone

excellunce - top clarity in hearing someone on your cellphone

excellurated - extremely happy your cell phone bill was as low as it was

hydrocellphobic - fear of getting your cell phone wet

hypo-cellphonic - not using all your cell phone minutes in a given month

hyper-cellphonic - exceeding your cell phone minutes in a given month

icellated - short for "not having  any cell service"

vehicellular - pertaining to the use of a cellphone while driving a car

** Cellspeak is a trademark of Startwright Resources

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