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Project Management Tools Directory

A comprehensive directory of project management (pm) tools, templates, and software for all platforms (PC, UNIX, MAC, iPad, Android) including open source, freeware and for sale.

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bulletChecklists and templates a Project Management Methodology which provides you with all of the documents,processes, tools, templates and methods required in order to succeed as a Project Manager. These tools are an integral part of the Method123 project lifecycle. 12 Templates free!
bulletProject Management Templates  makes available for download preformatted and customized templates for managing a wide range of projects. Templates include renovation, systems integration, network implementation, software validation, etc.
bulletProject Management Productivity Checklist  
bulletSample Project Charter
bulletSmartDraw  Easily Create Gantt Charts and PERT Charts for Project Management in Minutes—Download It Free!
bullet[pdf] What Every Project Manager Should Know and Do
bullettools: Project Management checklists and templates 
bulletProject Management Tools Reviews
bulletProject Management Software (Oracle's White Paper Library)  
bulletProject Management Tools for Linux
bulletMethods & Tools  - the free PDF and HTML e-newsletter for software  engineering and application development professionals
bulletMicrosoft Project
bulletCritical Software WBS & Pert Graphing
bulletWBS Chart Pro  Create and display your Microsoft Project plans quickly and easily using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) chart.
bulletMicrosoft Project 2003 Homepage
bulletTrial Microsoft Project CD
bulletTools for Project Managers
bulletThe Project Map: your roadmap to project management
bulletMicrosoft 2003 Industry Templates
bulletProject 2003: Which Offering is Right for You?
bulletMicrosoft Project MVP Page This is the place for information on all versions of Microsoft Project. 
bulletMicrosoft Project - Tutorials (Penn State)
bulletMS Project Users Group
bulletSteelray provides a simple and easy way to view and communicate Microsoft Project information over the web.
bulletWoody's Project Watch Newletters
bulletScitor PS Suite™  PS8, Project Communicator 3, PSI (SAP interface)
bulletSuperProject 5.0 has been discontinued
bulletSureTrak Project Manager  (from Primervera)
bulletCAN-PLAN (FREE) Project Management Software
bulletRational Concepts  web-based project management tools
bulletProject Schedulers
bulletPlan & Progress Tracker based on Microsoft Excel
bulletFastTrack Schedule 8.0
bulletProject Kickstart
bulletConceptDraw Project  Easily create Gantt Charts and PERT Charts for Project Management!
bulletOracle Project Management Tools
bulletThe Oracle E-Business Suite Projects family of applications bridges operations and corporate finance so you can manage the full lifecycle of every project.
bulletLinux/Unix Project Management Tools Makes use of open standards and protocols (free)
bulletAMS Realtime Projects for Linux
bulletBSCW Version 4
bulletCall Center, Bug Tracking and Project Management Tools for Linux
bulletEPIware is an off-the-shelf Internet application that provides affordable project and document management solutions for individuals, organizations, and companies
bulletFUTURe is project management software written in Java. It is a single user planning tool/Netscape applet with automatic leveling, Gantt Chart, Pert Charts, Resource charts, Todo lists, Calendars, and Day and Year planners.
bulletKplato (PLAnning TOol)
bulletKSH/CGI Events Calendar
bulletOpenProject Project Management Software for Linux
bulletOPENSCHED project scheduling software for Linux
bulletOpen Source Development Network - Project Management
bulletMr Project
bulletProject Management Tools that run on Linux from Linux Online!
bulletProjector 1.0
bulletPyGantt reads a project description from a xml formatted file and outputs a html Gantt diagram.
bulletTeamSCOPE is Team Software for Collaborative Project Environments, a web-based collaboration tool and is designed to be installed under Debian GNU/Linux.
bulletToutDoux is a project manager for GNOME
bulletXPlan is tool for project planning and scheduling. It is very similar in idea and concept to MS Project
bulletProject Management Programs - High-End
bulletITI ProjectView is web enabled Project Management software for the Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical, and Construction industries.
bulletOpen Plan
bulletProfessional's Helper
bulletProject InVision  delivers the leading IT Services Automation solution,
offering end-to-end lifecycle management for portfolio analysis, program management, and production support.
bulletPrimavera Project and Portfolio Management Products
bulletProject Management Software for for Apple Computers
bulletApple Project Management Tools
bulletGoldenseal, from Turtle Creek Software, is integrated accounting software, business management, estimating and project management software for Macintosh and Windows computers. Goldenseal helps you to run the business side of your small business. It uses "real world" accounts and transactions, which makes it easy to learn, and easy to use. 
bulletProject Management Tools used with Microsoft Outlook
bulletMicrosoft Project 2003 Homepage
bulletOpen Plan
bulletProject Kickstart
bulletAutomation Centre project collaboration software solutions for today's leading email platforms - TrackerOffice® for Microsoft Outlook/ Exchange 
bulletSales & Project Tracking (Portal Software)
bulletVAKCER Project Tracker 2.1
bulletSlipstick site  A number of tools that enhance Outlook by providing connections to  Exchange Server Public Folders, databases and other project and business process management applications. Some help desk applications included.
bulletProject Management Tools used with Lotus Notes
bulletAutomation Centre offers project collaboration software solutions   Tracker Suite® Lotus Notes/ Domino.
bulletProject Management Software for Palm Pilot and PDA's 
bulletAlso see PDA section under StartWright's Mobile Computing page
bulletProject Management Software - Critical Chain Software 
bulletRealization The Next Generation of Project Management Software™. Realization provides
the only multi-project management software that acknowledges the uncertain
reality of projects. Instead of using critical path approach, our software
runs on a Critical Chain Engine™.
bulletRisk Management
bulletRiskyProject - Project Risk Management Software  A project planning, quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement software that project managers can use to plan and implement project with multiple risks and uncertainties. 
bulletWeb-based Project Management and SaaS (Also see StartWright's Team Groupware page)
bullet@View  "Construction Project Management"  XCOLLA >> Intuitive project management software for team collaboration 
bulletEntry.projects v2.7    "an easy to use high speed web-based collaborative project management software solution designed for professional services organizations"
bulleteRealize™ provides a Web based service to organize business operations online. It offers executives and managers a simple means to align people, projects and key activities according to the results needed. It allows everyone to understand how they fit in, how things are progressing and what issues need attention. Unlike costly enterprise software that focuses on technical management and complex methodologies, eRealize focuses on results as it helps organize and manage the effort required to realize business objectives.
bulletFX-Project - Projekt-Management   Projekt-Management im Internet
bulletGRAN PM  is an open source/gated source web-based project management software, which unites in a single product a task management system, a bug tracking software and employee timesheet tracking.
bullet icTracker is a compact, easy-to-learn, web-based project management software that helps any business or work group define projects, assign tasks and sub-tasks, streamline work flow, communicate among team members, assure accountability, track problems, store documents, manage important links, keep records, and generate reports.
bulletInfowit Creative Manager "the only project management solution built exclusively for creative and design firms. Customizable and modular, Infowit adapts to your business: Estimating, Tracking, Client Review, Assets, Prospecting, and more! 
bulletiTeamWork   "a free Web-based project-management tool for anyone who needs to manage multiple projects or teams".
bulletIT Square SquareWorks    Project Management Tools
bullet LiquidPlanner online project management software Liquid Planner is a simple but powerful alternative to Microsoft Project that offers task management, project scheduling, and team collaboration in one central place. And unlike other tools out there, LiquidPlanner helps teams manage change and uncertainty. Finally, project management software that thinks just like you do.
bulletMediaLot Project Management Tools
bulletOfficeTool "an Internet workspace that allows you to share and manage information associated with projects and their related tasks"
bulletOur Project  Web services for Project Management
bulletPlan On The  browser based tool
bulletPlanPack  "it's easy and free"
bulletPowerSteering  "Web-enable the collaborative work and management of your extended enterprise.
bulletProject Desk is an online project and task management tool which provides a
virtual workspace to communicate effectively between team members located
globally and locally.
bulletProject.Net  is the only open source offering that's a fully-featured Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. It's easy to deploy for a single, standalone project, yet scales rapidly to multiple projects. can be configured as a self-hosted in-house solution or a web-hosted solution, further reducing implementation overhead.
bulletProjectplace   is No. 1 in Europe for project collaboration on the Web. Projectplace is an online service that allows you to manage single or multiple projects in a simple and effective way. Projectplace saves you time and enables you to work more effectively in your day-to-day project activities. By the use of various user-friendly tools and functions you can optimise your project collaboration.
bulletProjux  provides the tools to streamline the business administration behind project work. Generate invoices and reports, track time and expenses,
and establish contracts quickly through the collaborative online application.
bulletProj-Net A virtual project office (VPO) for collaboration and communication
bulletI-Schedule Web-Based Planning & Resource Management
bulletI-Cost Web-Based Cost Management
bulletRemote Collaboration Tool (RCT)
bulletSAME-PAGE.COM Online Project Management Software, Task Management And Issue Reporting Tools
bulletspeeDEV is a complete Web-based environment, designed to allow all the
participants in a Software Project to participate and exchange information about the Project.
bulletSuperProject/Net 1.1   Web based Project Management
a companion product to SuperProject and is an Internet/Intranet-enabled project management tool
bulletTrabaJunto is a collaboration tool for advertising agencies with online asset management and project management features. This groupware works as an intranet & extranet, allowing teams to communicate and coordinate activities in real time. 
bulletTWikitm   a flexible, powerful, and easy to use Web-based collaboration platform
bulletVertabase   "puts all the tools for effective project management in one place. It is powerful enough for executives and managers, and user-friendly for rapid adoption by an entire organization."
bulletWebProject   "provides enterprise project management support for distributed organizations"
bulletWorking Together, Apart The Web as Project Infrastructure
bulletWorkSolv   "available only on a monthly subscription
basis, allows project teams, subcontractors and clients to access project
plans via Web browsers and wireless Palm connections"
bulletYZ Project Manager
bulletGoalScreen  "The graphic interface for working with goals"
bulletCost Estimation 
bulletCost Xpert  "highly flexible, easy to use and well priced cost estimation tool that takes the guesswork out of cost and schedule estimations"
bulletOther Tools
bulletMindjet   used to brainstorm during initial project planning; quickly capture and organize ideas and information using an interface that is both easy to use and to understand; and concisely communicate even very complex information using a non-text-intensive visual format.
bulletTRUEreq offers a collaborative workspace for specifying and launching new products. It helps geographically dispersed constituents—product managers, project managers, designers, contract developers, marketing and sales executives, purchasing managers, ad agencies, PR firms, QA managers, and patent attorneys—compress time and increase accountability. TRUEreq's easy-to-use Web-based approach and economic pricing model make it easy for companies to easily get started. Currently we are offering 3 free full featured user licenses. This gives the managers the ability to experience for themselves the power of TRUEreq.
bulletProject Management - Germany /  Projektmanagement - Deutschland
bulletTampier Software - Systemhaus für Projektmanagement  A system house for project management with many years of experience (since 1985) as well as the sales and maintenance of program products (ACOS PLUS.1, ACOS WEB, ACOS Compact, Ado x, Sygate Firewall, Sygate Office network, Sygate Home network, Pop Connect)      
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