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Web Design & Development

bulletDomain Name Registration
bulletAllDomains   Find and buy international domains
bulletidNames  International Web Address Services
bulletInternet Assigned Numbers Authority 
bulletCountry Code Top-Level Domains (CCTLDs)
bulletInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
bulletInterNIC Registration Services Domain Name Registration
bulletNetNames  The International Domain Name Registry
bulletNetrwork Solutions
bulletRegister.Com Free Domain Registration Service, domain parking
bulletBonus Mail  receive awards for reading e-mail
bulletCheetah Mail  newsletter service
bulletDevHead  from ZDNet
bulletEchoEcho  tutorials, javascript, html
bulletExcite Communities  free intranet chat
bulletFauxBox  domain parking and e-mail forwarding  provides confidential, time sealed registration of intellectual property
bulletGamelan  "The Official Java Directory"
bulletGraohics Design Resource Center
bulletGrafx Design  
bulletWeb Graphics Tutorials
bulletCool Links
bulletInternet EYE Magazine new2.gif (284 bytes) grahics newsletter, review, tutorials, resources
bulletMicrosoft bCentral
bulletMyReply  Free Autoresponders
bulletNetpreneur  Greater Washington's Digital Age Entrepreneurs
bulletPaletteMan  color schemes
bulletSLASH.ORG  "News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters."  "smart commerce for small business" "monitor the Web throughout the day"
bulletUseability new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletUsability Professionals' Association - Resources Page user interface design guides, web design style guides Jakob Nielsen's Website  web useablity
bulletUsableweb 1427 links about web usability
bulletWebaddress sample sites
bulletWebCard Press  Post cards to advertise your site
bulletWeb Reviews
bulletWeb Site Post Office  collect e-mail addresses
bulletWebMonkey  "The Web Developer's Resource"
bulletWho Built It?  "Internet's unique reverse directory
to identify the developers who built particular websites."
bulletThe World Wide Web Consortium
bulletZDNet: Developer
bulletFree Graphics & Clip Art
bulletFree Graphics
bulletJaguarwoman Webdesign
bulletJules Grafix
bulletShawn's ClipArt & Webateria
bulletList Hosting Services
bulletTen Biggest Web Blunders
bulletWeb Site Globalization
bulletAquarius Directory
bulletGlenn's Guide to Translation Agencies
bulletHTML 4.01 Specification - internationalization
bulletUnicode Standard
bulletW3C's Internationalization and Localization
bullet"The Localization Process: Globalizing Your Code and Localizing Your Site"
bulletLocalisation Industry Standards Association
bulletAffiliate Programs new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletClicks Link
bulletFinding an ISP
bulletCelestin's POCIA List
bulletThe Directory
bulletThe List
bulletThe Ultimate Web Host List (Top 25)
bulletWeb Host Industry Review
bulletBuilding a Web Site new2.gif (284 bytes)
bulletAllAboutYourOwnWebsite unbiased guide to the essential steps involved with producing and maintaining a website for every internet purpose
bulletBuild Your Website from
bulletDiybizsites free step-by-step ecommerce tutorial and recommended web development resources for small business
bulletSmart Computing - a good magazine for starters. If you subscribe many free tutorials
bulletThe Web Design Resource tutorials
bulletThe Web Developer's Virtual Library
bulletWeb Reference


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